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Ivan Djaja on Wikipedia

Ivan Djaja

Ivan Djaja on Wikipedia

Оја Кринуловић Ђорђе Стакић

Wikipedia is a free-access, free content Internet encyclopedia in English founded on January 15 2001. Since the beginning of 2015 Wikipedia exists in 287 languages. Since 2003 there is also Serbian version of the encyclopedia with more than 310.000 articles which cover a great number of themes.

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Articles about Ivan Djaja, a renowned Serbian biologist and physiologist, professor and rector of the University of Belgrade, can be found on Wikipedia Serbia. He was also a full member of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Art and the founder of the Institute of Physiology and the Department of Physiology, the first of a kind in the Balkans.

The article about the professor Ivan Djaja, who was one of our most successful physiologists and the founder of the Belgrade School of Physiology, is available to the wider public on Wikipedia. Structurally this article is divided into several chapters: a biography, scientific work, references, literature and other. In addition to this information, several photographs of our scientist can be found in the article, the sketch of his apparatus for the measurement of oxygen consumption and the scanned front pages of the publications that he wrote or that were dedicated to him. The photographs and the scanned front pages of some publications are available at the Wikimedia storage.

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