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Selection from the popular literature

Ivan Djaja

Selection from the popular literature

Aleksandra Popovic

Ivan Djaja, as a renowned scientist, made effort to popularize science whenever he could. We present some parts of texts from the rich collection of the University Library in the category of popular literature.

Dr Ivan Djaja: An Insight into Life (1955)

“Short chapters of this book do not make a whole. Those are the papers excerpted from the book about life. Many things are discussed: substance and energy, animals and plants, food and clothes, heat and winter, a heart and brain, life and death… all that done hastily and spiced up with short stories. I hope that all of these pages will entertain readers, they might even learn something and start to think about it.”

An Insight into Life (PDF)

Ivan Djaja: What do we eat? (1935)

“Why do we eat?
In order to answer this question it is not necessary to refer to science because everybody knows that we eat in order to live. We know that life needs substance and strength because our body makes energy all the time and simultaneously it does inner and outer work. Food is the source of the necessary substance and energy.”

What do we eat? (PDF)

Aleksandra N. Kusakovic: The Book about Flowers (1953). Preface by Ivan Djaja

“This book will fill the homes with a fresh scent of flowers and trees. It is not a book about Botany, a book that deals with the world of plants in order to reveal all of its secrets. Yet there are so many things in this book, put in there on purpose, so that the world of flowers and plants would permeate into our life.”

The Book about Flowers (PDF)