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Inaugural Academic Address

Ivan Djaja

Inaugural Academic Address

Aleksandra Popovic

On March 6 1932, Ivan Djaja became a full member of the Serbian Royal Academy. Two scientific articles written by Djaja were published in the Voice of Serbian Royal Academy (Glas Srpske kraljevske akademije) in 1932. In the article entitled “Some features of the fight against cold” there is an augural address held at the annual ceremony of the Academy.

“Your Majesty/Highness,
Dear Colleagues,
It is great honor to be elected a member of this academic society. Josif Pancic, Djuro Danicic, Stojan Novakovic, Jovan Cvijic etc. to name just a few among the dead were the members of the Serbian Royal Academy. They are not just renowned figures in the scientific world, but they are much more than that. They are the founding fathers of our science an at hard times with great effort and work they continued the work of national leaders, who although uneducated and illiterate during the cruel struggle to survive, had realized the importance of science and dedication to a free nation etc.”

The whole article can be found at the University Library collection.