Today, libraries, archives, museums and documentation centres are moving from a reactive to a productive role. Though they continue to collect, preserve and support the use of historical documents and records, they also engage and participate in the production, publication and active dissemination of new resources based on their collections – as the «sites of knowledge retrieval». They have become centers of knowledge production, both in the material and the virtual world.

The growing use of low-cost genetic testing, combined with the massive scanning and digitization of genealogical records, allows ordinary families to study both their family trees and their ethnic background in great depth and detail. The results tend to show more variation (multiple ethnic backgrounds) than most people are currently aware of.

The University Library “Svetozar Marković“ in Belgrade, Serbia, has the pleasure to invite you to the IFLA WLIC 2019 Satellite Meeting organized by Local History and Genealogy Section joint with Asia and Oceania Section. The meeting is hosted by the University Library Belgrade on August 21 and 22 2019. We hope that this meeting will ignite discussions and inspire innovative ideas leading to new insights in the field. The Conference is open to all and free of charge (no conference fee), but due to the space limitation, we would like you to register (Registration Form).