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Trgovačko-zanatlijski šematizam Kraljevine Srbije

Trgovačko-zanatlijski šematizam Kraljevine Srbije
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Trgovinsko-zanatlijski šematizam Kraljevine Srbije was published from 1895 to 1905. 5 volumes were published. It was published in Serbian, French and German. As this was an official calendar with a list of all governmental authorities and institutions, officers etc., it published addresses of renowned traders, craftsmen, industrialists, lawyers, engineers, doctors and other necessary statistical data about finance, railway, trade, industry, traffic, and all state announcements which refer to these professions. A very important segment of the calendar refers to classified ads. They were not seasonal, but portrayed a clear profile of the shop which was advertized. They were indexed. Numeration of ads appears in appropriate places and in the register of craft and trade shops. Svetislav R. Hristić was the editor who shaped this calendar according to the official data. Judging by the editor’s foreword, it is clear that the publication of the calendar started to introduce foreigners with domestic craftsmanship, trade and industry and that is why it was also multilingual. However, regardless of the importance of the publication, the Ministry of Inner Affairs did not respond positively to the editorial office’s request that court officials should provide lists of all traders, craftsmen, industrialists and economists. The Ministry of National Economy supported this large undertaking, but the response of municipality officials was not appropriate, so there were some difficulties with collecting and organizing materials and financing the whole project. That is why the editorial office made the decision to give up this work and further publication of the calendar.

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