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Nova iskra

Nova iskra
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“Nova Iskra” was an illustrated journal and Rista J. Odavic was its owner and editor-in-chief. In 1911 Zivojin O. Dacic became the owner of the journal. At the beginning it was published twice a month and later it was published once a month. It was published in Belgrade and it was printed in “Drzavna stamparija Kraljevine Srbije”, “Parna radikalna stamparija”, “„Milan Veliki“ - printing house of Bojovic and Micic, “Kraljevsko-srpska Državna štamparija”. It was published from 1899 to 1911 with a break from 1908 to 1910. When its publication started it was the only Serbian literary journal. It was edited very successfully and it contained supplements of domestic and foreign literature, news and articles on science, debates, book reviews, bibliographic appendices, short news on cultural events and scientific achievements, ads and obituaries of the famous people of that time. Many of our writers, scientists and renowned people in Serbian culture were the contributors to this journal such as: Milutin Bojic, Janko Veselinovic, Ruza Vinaver, Stanislav Vinaver, Milan Grol, Jelena Dimitrijevic, Radoje Domanovic, Jovan Jovanovic Zmaj, Paja Jovanovic, Slobodan Jovanovic, Petar Konjovic, Petar Kocic, Radovan Kosutic, Simo Matavulj, Dimitrije Mitrinovic, Stojan Novakovic, Branislav Nusic, Sima Pandurovic, Vladislav Petkovic Dis, Pavle Popovic, Jasa Prodanovic, Vladislav Ribnikar, Jovan Skerlic, Stevan Sremac, Ivo Cipiko, Jovan Cvijic, Veselin Cajkanovic, Aleksa Santic.

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