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Srpska nezavisnost

Srpska nezavisnost
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The journal “Srpska nezavisnost” was established as the body of the National Liberal Party which was its initial subtitle. It was published in Belgrade three times a week from 1881-1883, 1889-1892 and in 1903. Its subtitle changed in the course of time so it was called “Liberal Body” and “Journal for Politics, Economy and Literature”. From edition No. 1. to edition No. 43 the journal was also published with French and German titles: L' indépendance serbe i Serbische Unaphangigbeit. It was established by “Družina za potpomaganje srpske književnosti” and Laza Kostic was the editor for a short period of time. The editorial board used to change a lot. Among others, the editors-in-chief were Sima Jev. Popovic, Jevrem J. Andonovic, Zivojin S. Velickovic, Blagoje G. Damjanovic. In 1903 Jevrem Andonovic was the owner and Nikola Jov. Protic was one of the editors. The journal contained news on current political issues in the country and abroad and political affairs in the Balkans. The work of the National Parliament was closely monitored. Moreover, there were many appendices from history and national ethnography, book reviews, theatre and cultural life in general. The journal also contained translated prose, novels in particular. The price of the journal in 1903 was 16 Dinars in Serbia and 32 Dinars abroad in gold.

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