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Ratni dnevnik

Ratni dnevnik
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“Ratni dnevnik” with the official reports from the War Press Bureau was published daily during the First World War between June 1st 1914 and October 12th 1918. At first Svetozar Jovanovic was its editor-in-chief and Boza Dimitrijevic superseded him. This journal changed its place of publication. Its publication started in Valjevo and when it reached 99th edition it moved to Kragujevac. In 1915 its 241st edition was published in Thessaloniki and followed the advancement and destiny of the Serbian army. Since that same edition, the journal became the official body of the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces edited by the War Press Bureau. Vlada Andjelkovic became the editor-in-chief. Being the official bulletin of the Serbian military operations in the First World War, this journal represents an invaluable source for the study of history. The same text (and a syllable) was published entitled “War Press Bureau” in the first month and a half of the WWI in 1914. Some editions were accompanied by appendices. Starting from edition No. 34 (1917) there was a literary feature, and with the 20th edition (1918) the column called Literature was introduced. The contributors to the journal were prominent authors such as Milutin Bojic, Ivo Cipiko and Jovan Ducic.

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