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“Starmladi” is an entertaining and satirical magazine with illustrations and lots of caricatures which was published twice a month in Novi Sad, from April 22 1907 to October 19th 1911. On 1911 its publication stopped as there weren’t enough subscribers. M. Krstonosic was the owner and the publisher and Petar Krstonošić was the editor-in-chief. As Vasilije Dj. Krestic noted, independents and liberals encouraged Petar Krstonosic to establish an entertaining and satirical magazine. The aim of the magazine was to pinpoint brutally yet justly the drawbacks and downsides of the Serbian public life, i.e. to take the bull by the horns and face the radical rival, “Vrac pogadjac”. Krstonosic had twenty years of experience in working with political-satirical magazines. The first edition of “Starmladi” started the fight against the radicals, even against those that were led by Pasic in Serbia. Radical leaders were the main target, Jasa Tomic i Djordje Krasojevic whom he called names and even insulted. “Starmladi” supported Serbo-Croatian coalition and advocated cooperation and amity between Serbs and Croats.

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