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“Starmali” is an entertaining and satirical magazine with illustrations and lots of caricatures which was published twice a month in Novi Sad for twelve years, from June 10th 1878 to December 31 1889. In 1881 it changed its subtitle into “a magazine for jokes”. Jovan Jovanovic Zmaj, a prominent Serbian poet, was the owner and the editor of the paper. Abukazem, i.e. dr Ilija Ognjanovic was one of the main contributors to the magazine. The magazine contained humorous and satirical articles, it reflected political and social situation and the patriotism of all citizens in the Balkans. In addition to literary articles, the journal published news on the books, subscription invitations for new editions, the most important news and ads for all kinds of products. As there were many satirical articles, many authors wrote pseudonyms.

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