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This was a journal for entertainment which was published in Belgrade in 1894 and from 1898 to 1901. Its publication periodicity changed. At first, it used to be published on a daily basis. In 1898 it was published on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. In 1899 starting with No. 41 it was published on Thursday and Sunday and since 1900 it was published once a month. Janko M. Veselinovic was the first owner and the editor-in-chief. Since 1898 Stevan M. Veselinovic was the owner of the journal. In 1898 it was published with a subtitle “a family journal” and since 1900 its subtitle was “a journal for entertainment, literature and advice”. It was a literary journal open to all young authors. Dozens of domestic and foreign authors used to publish their works in it. Janko Veselinovic himself publshed his novel “Hajduk Stanko” in it. The contributors were prominent Serbian writers: Svetozar Corovic, Aleksa Santic, Velimir Rajic, Kosta Abrasevic, Branislav Nusic, Milovan Glisic, Stevan Sremac, Rista Odavic, Bora Stankovic, Jasa Prodanovic, Pavle Marinkovic and others. Some of its thematic editions were dedicated to the renowned writers – No. 55 (1899) “Puskinov broj” (the whole edition was dedicated to A. S. Puskin’s life and works); No. 60 (1899) “Zmajev broj” (the whole edition was dedicated to Jovan Jovanovic Zmaj). It contained theatre and literary reviews. Since 1900 there was a column called “Books and Journals” which contained short overviews of books and journals. This journal followed the work of the Serbian Royal Academy and Serbian Literary Society.

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