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Opštinske novine

Opštinske novine
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“Beogradske opštinske novine” was a weekly established by the Municipality of Belgrade in 1882. Its publication stopped in 1913 because of the war. Dragoljub K. Stojiljkovic was the editor-in-chief. From 1882 to 1913 scientific debates and literary supplements were published in the newspaper. The newspaper was renewed in 1928. It was rich in photographs and since then it exclusively published the news on local problems and followed the work of the municipal administration and its bodies. There weren’t so many other appendices, but there was an important overview of the history of Belgrade by Todor Stefanovic Vilovski that stood out. Between 1932 and 1941 the newspaper and the journal were published concurrently under the same heading. Both the newspaper and the journal were important for studying public administration, local issues, history, cultural history and the architecture of Belgrade.

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