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Službeni vojni list

Službeni vojni list
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“Službeni vojni list” was the journal of the Ministry of Military which was published from January 1881 to March 22nd 1941. It was edited by the General Military department and Mladen Jankovic was the editor-in-chief. Stepa Stepanovic, a well-known commander, was its editor for some time. The journal was published once a week or whenever there was a need. During the First World War it was published in Thessaloniki, and it wasn’t published during 1916. It was renewed in Belgrade on January 2nd 1918. It contained news on the military service, regulations, laws, orders, commentaries regarding the army, announcements and rewards lists and awards, programmes and soldiers and commanders’ results, orders of the Minister for army and navy, lists of all titles of books about military service and ads on selling military equipment in military shops and warehouses.

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