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Trgovinski glasnik

Trgovinski glasnik
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Trgovinski glasnik, list za trgovinu, radinost i saobraćaj and Organ „Beogradske trgovačke omladine“ was published in Belgrade from 1891 to 1941 (with breaks: 1915 to 1918 and 1934 to 1939). Its periodicity changed. At first it was published three times a week, in 1895 it was published occasionally, and in 1900 it became a daily. Marko Vuletić was the editor in chief, and Milorad P. Nikolić, Mihailo Đurić, Aca Vučetić, Ljubomir Bojović, Kosta Petrović and others were editors. As of 1919 the editor of the restored newspaper was Milan J. Pavlović. The newspaper published news and considered issued related to trade and economy. There were texts about politics, education, literary contributions and sequel novels.

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