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Radničke novine

Radničke novine
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This newspaper was published in Belgrade. On several occasions it was launched and suppressed. It first came out in 1897 when 23 issues were published. The newspaper was restored in 1902 and with a short break it was published until 1915. At the time, it became the main newspaper for workers on Serbia which published news on political and trade union activity. At the beginning of the First World War its publication ceased, and when the war ended it was restored as the Body of Social Democracy, and as of April 1919 the Body of Socialist Workers’ Party (Communists). It was published until 1941 without discontinuance. In addition to political and cultural news the newspaper published texts about labour organizations in Serbia, working conditions and strikes. Numerous articles were Marxist. Many famous associates and editors contributed to the reputation of the newspaper. The editor of the newspaper changed about 30 times, and some of them were Petar Savić, Svetolik Savić, Luka Pavićević, Milan Stanojević, Jordan Krstić, Nedeljko Stanković, Petar Maksimović, Sava Kovačević, Svetozar Đorđević, Svetozar Marić, Dušan Popović, Dimitrije Tucović, Dragiša Lapčević, Božidar Popović and others. Kosta Novaković, Miloš Trebinjac, Filip Filipović, Moša Pijade and others were members of the editorial office.

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