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“Šumadinka”, a literary, entertainment and news journal was published once a week in Belgrade. It was printed in “Knjigopečatnji Knjažestva Srbije” from 1850 to 1851 and from August 1852 to November 1854. Ljubomir P. Nenadovic was its publisher and editor. This journal offered various contents: entertainment, literature, interesting facts but also harsh reviews. When Nenadovic established the journal it was a family and literary journal which very soon was characterized as a “dangerous, Republican” journal. As a humorist, he was resentful of the Serbian authorities because they were too serious and official and neatly censored the journals. When it contained notes regarding foreign policy it was always in favour of the people and against the authorities. This journal abounded in stories and anecdotes about the imperial ingratitude and the need of the authorities to be flattered. He made fun of censorship all the time. He was connived for some time as he was Princess Persida’s relative. However, in the end the journal was banned. When the publication of “Šumadinka” ceased, the editor paid the bells to announce the death of the journal.

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