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Öffnungszeiten der Bibliothek

University Library “Svetozar Markovic” is open from 8 to 20 Monday to Friday. On Saturday the Library is open from 8 to 14 and it is closed on Sunday.


Радионица за коричење новина

The University Library relies on a number of documents in interaction with users, work organization, action planning and reaching excellence standards in its mission. These documents are either created for internal use or they are approved by the University, the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development or by the relevant international institutions.


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Рад у великој читаоници

Studying in reading rooms has a number of advantages in comparison with studying at home where there are a lot of distractors such as a phone, TV or computer. The atmosphere in the University Library reading rooms is motivating and inspiring. When students’ concentration breaks, they see other students around them immersed in books which strengthens their will to study. They simply dive into the pool of knowledge and their own creative capacities.


Књига из фонда реткости спремна за дигитализацију

University Library, as a modern research centre, embarks on adventures which will change the very nature of libraries. These projects provide innovative partnerships with other libraries, institutions and companies and focus on building up present expertise and on improving academic cooperation with the use of new technologies.


Универзитетска библиотека на почетку каријере

The University Library uniquely testifies to the development of the society in general and especially at a particular time in the past. It very distinctively portrays the attitude of a state which after the First World War by putting in all its efforts tried to make up for the lost time and to keep up with the developed states and it recognized the importance of education in that undertaking.

The Central Activity of the Library


The University Library takes care of the professional development of its staff but it is also interested in the professional development of other university, higher education and scientific libraries. In addition to great experience, the credibility for the aspiration for constant improvement of library activities, is supported by the fact that this Library is the central library for almost 250 libraries.

Serbian Academic Library Association

Библиотекарско друштво Србије

The role of the Serbian Academic Library Association is to develop and promote librarian profession and to improve professional and economic status of the staff in member libraries.